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Andy Robertson is a professional drummer and teacher.


He started off working with Siobhan Donaghy in 2005 from "The Sugababes" and did two albums with Donaghy. 

For four years he toured with Morcheeba, doing two world tours and recorded the album "Blood like Lemonade".

Currently he is a member of Marlon Roudette's band, who has released his first solo album "Matta Fixed" in 2012 and his second "Electric Soul" in 2014.


In the past years he worked with following artists:


Marlon Roudette

Philipp Fankhauser, Marc Sway, Rislane and the Lovers

Richard Bundy Trio. Recorded the upcoming album “Ethervesence".


Sugababes (original line up) Reunion UK tour.


Morcheeba two world tours. Recorded the album "Blood like Lemonade”.


Siobhan Donaghy. Did two albums and tours. Track "Dialect" and "Nothing but song” on "Revolution in me”.


Before 2005 he played with various artist such as:

Gary Barnacle, Hitomi Yaida (in Japan).


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